Tomoko Cummings is the artist and owner of the upcycled brand, American Butt Clothing. 

Tomoko was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. It was here that her appreciation of the colorful expression of freedom of American 70's fashion began and encouraged her to follow her dreams in America. 

She moved to New York City in 2008 and began working for a vintage clothing boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here, she was able to learn the history of American culture, fashion and design. In 2012, she took her experience and love, opened a booth at the Brooklyn Flea Market and she started to design her own upcycled clothing line, American Butt Clothing. 

For the first few years, she only made denim shorts that had unique designs on the back (hence the name American Butt). At that time, she started using a sewing machine for first time in her life. She learned on her own and developed her skill to sew. She continued to discover new techniques, such as painting, studding, embroidering, dyeing etc.... Tomoko eventually discovered that her love for vintage denim fulfilled another passion of hers. 

After Tomoko married and had children, her eyes were opened to the many ecological issues around the world. She wanted very much to do her part in helping to clean the planet and reducing the negative effects of fast fashion on the environment. One way she's been able to do this is by buying secondhand. Her primary source for materials are flea markets, thrift stores, secondhand warehouses and garage sales. 

Another positive outcome from having children was the creation of Li'l Butt Clothing, a toddler version of the American Butt brand. Meanwhile, while continuing to develop her brand, she's had amazing experiences as a fashion stylist. In 2023, she's started a new venture as a wardrobe stylist.